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C&A tv spot with Jancee Pornick Casino song

It`s impossible!!! The mighty Jancee Pornick Casino on the new tv spot for C&A with the track MULTIBALL from the sametitled album!!!
See it, hear it and you are going to be infected with the rock`n` roll virus!!!


A new band on Bloody Baron Records! Karateclub!!!

karateclubThe masters of hardboiled bonecrushing rock'n roll from Düsseldorf. The same-titled album is presented in an extremely gracious red digipack. The colour is going to screw your eyes out! A wonderful straight heavy hardcore punk`n`roll album.

Out now!!!

So stand up, go to your local dealer, buy the cd and the music is going to rip your mind out and burn your soul!!! That`s rock`n`roll dude!!!


Watch out for new tourdates from Jancee Pornick Casino, Bad Reputation and Karateclub!

This summer is going to be HOT!!!
Some interesting surf and rockabilly parties are going to hit Cologne!
Grab your surfboard, comb your hair and check out the dates that are soon shown on our homepage!!!


new releases on Bloody Baron Records :

The Jancee Pornick Casino “Multiball” (CD)

the Russian American surf-federation shows us again what it means to be one of the fastest surfbands in our galaxy. twelve fast, sad, happy and insane tracks will blow your head. a fine mix from surf over rockabilly to soul.


Bad Reputation “Rubber Girl” (CD)

the debut album of the legendary german psychobilly band Bad Reputation !!! get into the world of pervy psycho shit and hear the pure sickness. twelve full power smash hits about fun, sex and violence. a must for a psycho. Check your local dealer!!!!



The Jancee Pornick Casino “Wrestle That Dude” (EP)

especially recorded for the Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash Tour . includes all tracks from our blood curdling wrestling fights and fine covers from Elvis Presley's “Devil In Disguise” to Leonard Bernstein's “Americano” .

order here:


for everybody who missed our insane "Backyard Breakness Fest" in 07.24.2004; here you can check a nice review on one of the best punk rock onlinezines from germany .

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The Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash 2007 Tour-Bo!



The G.T.W.A. is on Tour. Check out the Tourdates!


"Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash 3" Trailer
see the unholy, brutal and bloody art of fighting, which the G.T.W.A. ("Galactic Trash Wrestling Alliance") offers their fans on the "Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash 3". that's just a little teaser for all you trashing rock'n'roll junks. don't miss the next "Rock'n'Roll Wrestling Bash Tour" (No.3). watch out for the tourdates soon.........

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